Product categories

Our product categories at a glance

With more than 28,000 items, from small lamps to ultra-efficient and powerful professional lights, our range covers the entire world of lighting. There is also a large selection of electrical accessories such as switch ranges, power supply units and much more. In addition to items for the home, you will also find highly specialised products for various applications.

Design living room luminaires

Classic, playful chandeliers or would you prefer a modern, minimalist design? With LED lights, all shapes are possible and you can personalise rooms like never before.

Technical luminaires

Robust, powerful, up to the demands of professional use and adapted to the respective application – this is what characterises modern, technical luminaires.

LED light sources

Light sources are available in a wide variety of shapes and designs. The good news: We have them all. Including LED lamps, tubes, spotlights and spots and exotic bases.


We carry smart home systems from various manufacturers that not only save time and energy, but also allow you to customise your living environment.

Switch programmes

Switches and sockets are the secret calling card of a property and so there are different switch programmes / switch series for different preferences.

Electrical installation

A wide range of products such as installation accessories and power supply units are available in different versions and guarantee a reliable power supply thanks to their high quality.