technical light laboratory

Own light laboratory

We can put LED lamps and luminaires through their paces in our in-house light laboratory. Through this we can provide and determine all relevant data for light design and planning. At the same time, this ensures that only flawless iems leave our warehouse for projects 

We regularly check luminous flux, light spectrum, PPF, luminous intensity, colour temperature, colour rendering, luminous flux curve, electrical output, efficiency and other parameters.

For our testing we use an Intergrating sphere with a diameter of two meters as well as a Goniophotometer. These instruments enable us to take precise measurements and evaluation of the results.

product tests and audits

We are able to support you in testing your own products with regard to the photometric properties of your luminaires and LED light sources.

Furthermore, we support our partners and customers in plannung new projects or converting existing systems to LED technology.

Thanks to our in-house test station, we can provide specific recommendations regarding the ideal light spectra and suitable luminaires in addition to the pure light calculation.

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