In-house production

Production Made in Germany

We produce professional LED lights and modules for industrial and commercial needs in Augsburg. The on-site production guarantees consistent quality and high standard of safety. As a plus, our products can be perfectly customised to the customer’s requirements and area of application.

Among other things, the company currently produces:

  • high quality, customisable LED flood lights and industrial lights
  • LED plant lamps, for high demands, inter alia, with full spectrum
  • LED modules for light construction and retrofitting
  • UV-C LED modules for desinfection

Example products from our own production in Augsburg

Individualisation and custom production

Flexibility is the key. As a German manufacturer, we offer standard light colours, beam angles, cable lengths and efficiencies to suit most applications, as well as the option of having the luminaires specially adapted to your personal requirements.

Changes on light characteristic or the electronic parts are possible for also small unit quantities. Just contact us for more information.