GoLeaf - own brand

DEL-KO GmbH in Augsburg develops and designs high-performance GoLeaf LED plant lamps and plant lights with a great deal of technical expertise and dedication.

The tried-and-tested plant lighting is designed for private, professional and industrial use.

Only Osram LEDs specially developed and optimised for the purpose are used. In addition to their high reliability and efficiency, these horticulture light-emitting diodes score highly thanks to their light spectrum, which is consistently optimised for sustainable plant growth. As different plants require adapted light spectra, GoLeaf also offers a wide range of customisation options, including full spectrum.

Solutions for plant lighting

Our products help to work efficiently in greenhouses and indoor cultivation and significantly increase yields. Plants can also grow more optimally in urban or vertical farming. GoLeaf LED plant lamps have been used successfully on an industrial scale for years – convince yourself of our Made in Germany quality.

We offer lighting solutions for:

  • Classic greenhouses
  • Indoor greenhouses without sunlight
  • Vertical & Urban Farming
  • Industry and commerce
  • Research and Invitro
  • Full-spectrum plant cultivation for the home

Made in Germany

The majority of GoLeaf LED plant lamps and plant lights are manufactured in our own production facility in Augsburg.

Manufacturing in Germany guarantees consistent quality and the high safety standard of the end products. In addition, the products can be customised to meet individual customer requirements.