Partner brands and own brands

We have established excellent partnerships with renowned manufacturers for many years and are pleased to be able to offer the products of these well-known brands.

Our range includes brands for lamps and lights as well as electrical installation materials.

Our own brand Bioledex includes a wide range of LED products and accessories. The portfolio includes light sources such as lamps and tubes for use in existing luminaires as well as LED floodlights for commercial or high-performance luminaires for industrial use. There are also components that can be used flexibly and in a variety of ways, such as LED modules, power supply units or LED strips.

The GoLeaf brand products are backed by years of experience, combined with research results from Osram Semiconductor and renowned universities. The special lamps for plants are correspondingly reliable, no matter which type you choose. From domestic herb pots, contemporary microgreens and urban grow boxes to professional greenhouses and industrial plants, the lights provide exactly the spectra that the respective plants need.